Christopher Knight Wescott Floral Pattern Wingback Chair Recliner : Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain Sufferers

This wingback traditional recliner is an ideal chair for any room in your home. Featuring a studded border on the sides, this recliner is both stylish and comfortable with its extra padded cushion. This recliner features smooth lines that complement any décor along with a soft color palette.

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The Christopher Knight Wescott floral wingback printed accent chair is a traditional vintage floral fabric pattern recliner that is an ideal high back chair best living room chair for back pain sufferers or can place it any other room in your home.

Basis your choice, be it vintage floral accent chair or modern floral chair or a simple accent chair or a high back wooden chair with arms, this floral wingback recliner is both stylish as well as comfortable with its extra padded cushion.

This printed fabric accent chair recliner features a studded border on the sides. Its smooth lines complement any décor. The white and blue floral patterned soft color palette adds a tasteful detail to your living room space.

Why select the Floral Wingback Recliner Chair?

Your home allows you to relax, unwind, and enjoy your life and this modern floral chair adds a tasteful detail to your living room space. This printed accent fabric chair is a perfect recliner for reading or for unwinding or relaxing. This, at home recliner, allows you to express your personal style in your living room.

Styling and Comfort

Ideally, one likes to keep the most comfortable & stylish chairs in the living room. But if you like contemporary or traditional or some other style, this vintage floral accent chair recliner with arms is an ideal addition to your home.

This vintage floral accent recliner has an inspiring design that gives you varied options for creativity. This high back living room recliner is warm, enticing, and inviting, while at the same time gives you comfortable seating with a reclining option for resting.

The seat is pretty firm, not very cushy. Suitable for a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. You can reposition your mind and body and bring your spirit into near-perfect alignment.


The shape and height of this high back wooden printed accent chair with arms command attention, while the armrests and cushioned seat allow for comfort. The seat fabric is a heavy-duty cotton blend that is easy to clean and maintain.

The signature design element of this wingback recliner is the forward side panels extending from the chair back. The studded borders of the chair go from top to the bottom, giving it an exquisite look.

The recliner is the epitome of modern luxury and is a perfect choice for back pain sufferers.

Product Details

Material: Fabric

Fabric composition: 100% polyester

Leg Material: Birch

Colors available: White & Blue Floral or wheat

Leg finish: Dark Brown.

Assembly required

Dimensions: 33. 25"D x 26. 50"W x 40. 00"H

Seat Width: 21. 00"

Seat depth: 21. 25"

Seat Height: 19. 00"

Packing and Assembly

The package comes neatly packed that contains one recliner. The recliner requires about half an hour for the complete assembly without any special tools. You require only a screwdriver for the assembly.

The back and wings have to be attached, and the legs have to be screwed on when you receive the chair. The recliner portion comes pre-fitted and does not require any special assembly.

Final Words

This modern floral recliner is an ideal choice as a high back chair for your living room. The chair is undoubtedly the best living room chair for back pain sufferers. You can give way to your old couch with this floral wingback chair.

This printed accent chair is as simple as a comfortable accent chair. This recliner makes an ideal addition to your home and makes an amazing choice for your living room.

This floral wingback chair ticks all the correct boxes, be it the right size, color, and shape, for a fraction of the cost of any accent chair. The recliner looks stunning, especially for the price.

The recliner does not take up as much space as a traditional recliner, so it fits perfectly even in a small living room. The users have given it an excellent star rating after thorough usage and are extremely happy with their purchase.

Highly Recommended !!

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