Gaming chair vs Office chair: Which style is better?

October 13, 2020

It could be that you are planning to buy a chair to enjoy your games. You need to invest in a chair that will allow you to sit for hours together without making you feel tired.

Also, you should feel comfortable and relaxed sitting on it. You need to experience an amazing gaming session, each time you start a game. But with plenty of types, brands and models available in the market, it is quite natural for you to get confused.

But first, you need to determine what you require – an office chair or a gaming one! You need to do some research to find out the difference between them. Accordingly, you can make the right decision to buy one.

What is the difference between the office chair vs gaming chair?

You need to know what makes each one special. Getting to know the differences and learning about them in detail will help you to know which will be an ideal choice.

Head, Neck, and Back support

You can derive some back support from the average built office chairs. Some of them are even designed to offer good support.

However, gaming chairs are special and are designed to provide you with sufficient support to enjoy your game. You can play or watch your favorite game for hours. It comes with a high back, allowing you to have better posture. It supports your head, neck, and back.

A few of them are also constructed with extra soft cushioning to allow enhanced lumbar, neck support. This will depend on your body needs. It is not good for your body to sit in a hunched position throughout the day.

Added support combined with a high back is what you require to have a comfortable gaming session.


This is a crucial factor that cannot be neglected or missed out. Depending on the type of game you indulge in, you are likely to place pressure on the chair’s armrests.

It may mean that your armrests may create obstacles at times in your game. It will be better to have fully adjustable armrests, allowing you to adjust it as desired to play an obstacle-free game.

Armrests are of different types like:

  • Static armrests: It is fixed to one place and is not much ideal to play games.
  • 4D Armrests: They allow you to focus on your game completely as these armrests can be moved, rotated in all directions. You can even get those armrests away from you if not desired. You can even use it to reach easily your keyboard or controller. You are sure to enjoy comfortable shoulder/arm positions.
  • 3D armrests: They come with the addition of in-depth including the features of 2D armrests.
  • 2D armrests: They are adjustable both height-wise and widthwise, thus providing you with greater flexibility. At times, they can be clunky. A good number of office chairs are fitted with armrest type.


To maintain good posture, you need to have a straight back. But once a while you can recline to derive more comfort. Again sitting excessively upright will also result in long-term back pain.

135-degree recline is considered to be an ideal angle to have. It is considered to be a better-reclined angle when compared to what is offered by any standard office chair.

Gaming chairs are the best bet as it offers much more angle than this one. Thus your spine is provided with the much-required rest and relaxation.


You can find extra padding in gaming chairs, something not found in office chairs. It is crucial especially if you are required to sit in the same position every day for hours.

Office chairs can provide comfortable seating only for a couple of hours. However, not having a sufficient amount of padding will only lead you to develop discomfort and pain in your back.

The gaming chair’s padding is suitable enough to conform to your body when compared to the standard office chair.


Although not much important, gaming seats are cool to look at. They appear sporty and futuristic. You can also find models available in fun colors.

Some models can also be customized to suit your specific needs and moods. On the other hand office chairs may appear downright regal or boring.

Seat shape

Office chairs mostly are fitted with flat, standard, padded seats. They can fit easily bodies of different sizes and are comfortable.

Most gaming chairs are provided with a bucket seat including varying seat shape. They are designed from racing seats.

Moreover, they are contoured to keep the body in a proper place, thus offering more comfort as well as support. The gaming chair posture is better still in comparison.

It takes some time to get adjusted to using the gaming chair to derive comfort.


Different types of materials are used to construct office chairs. Standard fabrics are used on low-end models. Also are provided plenty of polyesters and cotton blends.

You can come across pleather and leathers on high-end models. They appear luxurious. However, they are not suitable if you are required to sit on it for a long time.

For office chairs, leather is a wonderful choice. However, sitting on it for a long time will make it warm and uncomfortable. Cleaning spills from drinks, snacks can also be tough.

But gaming chairs are created from super-breathable and easy-to-clean materials.

Final Thoughts

Gaming chairs and standard office chairs come with their own pros and cons. Gaming chairs come with additional features that are sure to benefit you immensely. You can sit on it for hours together and enjoy your gaming sessions.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a chair for office work, then standard office chairs are the best choice.

Gaming chairs are built with a specific purpose in mind. It is designed to offer optimum support. It helps protect your head, neck as well as back area.

If you are into active game playing, then gaming chairs with additional features are the best choice to make. You can come across several models and brands that will allow you to play with great comfort.

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