Are Kneeling Chairs worth the purchase? Know the Pros & Cons

October 15, 2020

Your job may involve you sitting down on a chair for over 8 hours every day for 5 days/week. (or more?)

After a few years, you are likely to develop debilitating musculoskeletal problems. It is likely to impact your life significantly, ranging from performance issues at work to personal relationships.

Therefore, it becomes important to choose a chair that will allow you to sit comfortably & without causing health issues. This is why industry experts recommend people to use kneeling chairs at work.

What is a kneeling chair?

These chairs have revolutionized the very way people sit. It has been designed to provide ease at work. It also helps to eliminate the day-to-day pains & aches experienced due to prolonged sitting.

It has been provided with un-chair type design. It allows you to sit in an open-hip angle. One of its pads supports your bottom, while another pad supports your thighs.

This ‘kneeling’ position makes your hips to be in a forward position to promote upright posture.

It ensures better alignment of your neck, shoulders and back.

Are such chairs worth the selection?

Different opinions are present whether it is worth the purchase or not. It is important to move your body frequently. You should not sit for prolonged hours.

Being in a static position for a long time will put pressure on shoulders, neck, including your lower back.

It also slows down metabolism, reduces the ability of your body to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and fat breakdown.

Kneeling chairs encourages more movement. Hence, it is a wonderful choice for offices as well as can help improve employee productivity.

It also promotes active sitting. Core muscles remain upright since no back support is provided.

When to use the Kneeling Chair?

It is ideal for performing short-term tasks requiring forward reach such as sewing, drawing or hand-writing.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Spine pain & injury

Your spine is likely to experience frequent stress, thus resulting in joint and muscle stress with pain.

Serious injuries may occur without taking immediate preventative actions. You may also risk contracting DDD (degenerative disk disease), scoliosis, chronic pain and disc herniation.

You can prevent as well as also correct spine injury by using the ergonomically designed kneeling chair as it allows you to sit straight.

The improved angle present between your lower body & torso provides space to pelvic muscle tissues. This connects to your lower back & gives relief to backaches arising from the lumbar region.

Relief from Back Pain

The ergonomic kneeling chair helps to prevent & eliminate back problems.

Its decline seat offers sufficient space to accommodate your hips. The latter connects directly to your lower back muscles. The design provides instant relief to the lower back region. Your hip muscles & spine can expand further.

The chair’s angle compels you to sit on it having a straight spinal column. This relaxes your supporting back muscle group. The kneeling chair stacks the spinal column vertebrae-by-vertebrae on itself, but with less assistance derived from your muscles.

Using this chair offers enhanced ease & comfort to both your upper & lower back.

Core Muscle Development

Core muscles of your abdominals, lumbar and obliques are much powerful when compared to tiny muscle tissues enclosing the spine. Hence, while sitting, you do not experience any pain.

With core muscles providing support, it does not require any exertion. They will automatically develop with time.

Defy Desk Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for back pain relief
Defy Desk Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Long-lasting comfort

The knee chair seats are found to be ergonomically built to provide comfort to your body. Its design & style does not compel you to hunch or pull you forward.

The position & design of the knee pad allows ease of movement. This configuration allows you to experiment in different positions as per your comfort.

Your hips can derive more comfort along with additional space to move around by keeping a foot onto the floor.

Enhanced Posture

Sitting on this chair will help you to have a well-aligned spinal column without much effort. You can enjoy having an upright spine and sit tall.

This good posture is sure to win praise from everyone as others watch you stand up, jog and walk.

Enhanced Work Performance

Physical pain is stated to be one of the major reasons to get distracted. If you suffer from intense pain, then staying focused on your duties will become a problem.

The kneeling chair is designed to eliminate back pain, thus allowing you to focus better. Moreover, a healthy posture along with an upright spinal column encourages enhanced blood flow throughout your body.

Your body and brain receive more oxygen as well as nutrients. You will also think sharper, feel better while avoiding persistent pain, which you used to experience before.

Disadvantages of a Kneeling Chair

Although kneeling chairs help tackle lower back problems, some people may experience discomfort in other areas of their bodies.

Discomfort to Legs

The leg is one of the regions that you may face more discomfort. With a properly aligned and accommodating chair it will not create any unwanted issue.

But if your knees instead of your shins rest on a forward support pad, then you are likely to develop discomfort quickly.

Embarking and Disembarking

When ease of use is concerned, this chair is found to be more inconvenient and awkward. Due to tight spacing present between the support pad and angled seat getting into as well as out of it can be difficult.


Even if it is an ideal fit, your reach at the desk can be reduced significantly, thus developing other discomforts. This is more so if you use a large desk space frequently.

Uncomfortable Long Hours Sitting

If you are tall, then this chair can be quite uncomfortable when using for a long period. You are likely to feel discomfort and get tired quickly.

Final Thoughts

Although there are some disadvantages, the kneeling chair is indeed an excellent investment for improving your posture and preventing any spinal injury due to misaligned sitting postion.

It is also a reliable way to get relief from pain. You can come across different options and are significantly comfortable to use.

You should consider using this chair if you experience severe lower back pain. But to derive the benefits, you need to buy only good quality kneeling chairs from a branded company.

Once you decide on purchasing a kneeling chair for yourself, do not forget to check out our selection and review of the best kneeling chair.

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