TribeSigns T18 Pro Ergonomic Office Leather Chair Executive High Mesh Back

TribeSigns T18 Pro Ergonomic High Mesh Back Desk Office Chair is one of the best office chair for lower back pain, and to prevent neck and shoulder pain.

The chair is equipped with an excellent adjustable system that includes an adjustable headrest, backrest, 3D PU armrests, seat height adjustment, swivel and tilt mechanism, and Skate Style wheels that support weight up to 300 lbs.

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TribeSigns T18 Pro Ergonomic High Mesh Back Desk Office Chair

Tribesigns T18 Pro is an all-new ergonomic one of the best office chair for lower back pain. It is a high mesh back office desk chair that is one of the best all-new ergonomic chairs and one of the best in the Tribesigns series.

Tribesigns is a professional furniture and household product manufacturer that helps people find products that meet their demands. Tribesigns offers a lot of furniture and household items to make everyday life more comfortable, convenient, and stylish.

Comfort Features & Outstanding Ergonomic Properties

Tribesigns T18 Pro Ergonomic Office Chair is a premium line pattern all nylon High Back Mesh Desk Chair with superb lumbar support. The chair is designed and shaped to best fit human needs with its saddle seat cushion with double mesh.

The chair is equipped with an excellent adjustable system that includes an adjustable headrest, backrest, 3D PU armrests, seat height adjustment, swivel and tilt mechanism, and Skate Style wheels that support weight up to 300 lbs.

High-End Quality & Spine Bionic Backrest

Tribesigns T18 Pro has an excellent build quality with a good balance of metal and nylon construction, which is ideal for adults up to 300 lbs.

The chair has a high load-bearing R350 nylon base and an SGS class 3 100# gas lift.

It has rubber skate style wheels that is protected for all floors, silent gliding, and heavy-duty.

Spine bionic backrest helps to release pressure from the spine. Durable elastic nylon mesh helps you enjoy great comfort and relaxation.

Breathable Mesh Backrest & 3 Levels Lock Mechanism

The breathable mesh back on this ergonomic chair provided is highly durable. It allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through the backrest to help care for even and comfortable skin temperatures.

Its backrest tilts back up to 150 degrees and may also be locked at three different angles that is perfect for working, reading, or relaxing. It focuses on human posture and back pain relief. Additionally, it is a comfortable partner that inspires your work and life.

It is equipped with a premium adjustable system that consists of several parts that include adjustable headrest height and angle, lumbar support and armrest height, backrest tilt angle, seat cushion height, and tilt tension. It can offer full range support on the back so that back gets a complete cushion and support while working for long hours.

The chair has a saddle seat design that features roller skate-style caster wheels and high load-bearing R350 nylon base and a line-pattern nylon mesh backrest. It is a comfortable partner that inspires your work and life.

Tribesigns T18 Pro Ergonomic Office Chair Specifications

Seat Height (seat cushion to floor): 16.93" - 20.87" (43-53 cm)

Adjustable Height : 3.94 inch (10cm)

Seat Cushion Width : 19.69 inch (50 cm)

Seat Cushion Depth : 20.5 inch (52 cm)

Cushion thickness : 5.1 inch (13 cm)

Height From Chair Back Top to Cushion: 22 inch (56 cm)

Chair Back Width: 18.5 inch (47 cm)

Minimum Overall Height (top to the floor): 45.7" (116cm)

Maximum Overall Height (top to the floor): 52" (132cm)


  • Weight capacity tested to support 300 lbs.
  • An adjustable tilt lock lets you set your preferred angle.
  • It has a sturdy, 5-star nylon base with five high-grade soft polyurethane casters that roll smoothly along the floor.
  • 3D arms provide extra support.
  • Swivels 360° for mobility.
  • Easy Assembly.

Fully Upgraded Numerous and Adjustable Features

Adjustable Headrest

  • Adopts a high-quality line pattern with its nylon mesh material.
  • It has a comfortable spring back and deformation-resistant headrest.
  • Headrest height - Can be adjusted up and down by 2.36''(6cm).
  • Breathable and easy clean.

3D Flexible Armrests

3D Armrests are adjustable in 3 dimensions. It allows you adjustment by height, backward/forwards, and by sideway angle.

The top of the armrests is also padded for comfort and support. The size of the armrest is approximately 25 x 9cm (9.8*3.5 inches).

Multipurpose Handle

Adjusting the seat height
  • To raise your seat, lean forward to lift your body weight from the seat, then pull up the control handle.
  • To lower the seat, pull up the control handle while you're seated.
Adjusting the tilt tension
  • Turn the tilt knob clockwise to make it easier to rock your chair backward.
  • Turn the tilt knob counter-clockwise to make it harder to rock your chair backward.
To Operate The Tilt Lockout
  • To let your chair tilt back, pull the control handle out.
  • To stop your chair from tilting, sit forward, then push the control handle in.

Swivels 360° for mobility

  • Tribesigns skate style wheels completely eliminate the need for chair mats and dramatically increase the mobility of your office chair.
  • Universal standard size stem - Set of 5 caster wheels, universally fit for various chairs—650 lbs of high strength capacity.
  • Easy To Install - Simply pull your old casters out, then push the new wheels in, universally fit for various seats. Mounting Stem: Push-in type, 11x22mm (7/16"x7/8").
  • Premium Material - Casters are made of soft polyurethanes, that has high mechanical strength, wear resistance, shock absorption, and low-noise. A good resilient PU rubber base also has extra anti-dirty and self-cleaning actions.

Spine Bionic Backrest

Bionic Comfort, The Next Generation of Ergonomic Support.

  • TribeSigns T18 Pro chair has high-performance design advancements, material improvements, and revolutionary technological innovation.
  • Adopts all-new premium line pattern nylon mesh material.
  • Through the study of the forced movement of the spine model, we designed four-dimensional fine-tuning of the lumbar spine, which can reasonably change the force direction and the force between the lumbar vertebrae. And reduce the discomfort caused by sitting for a long time.

High-Quality Armrest & Mesh Material

Tribesigns T18 Pro chair has full PU material armrests that are comfortable as well as non-detachable.

The chair has mesh backrest that adopts a high-quality line pattern. The nylon mesh material of the chair is highly durable, while other chairs have a bad quality of material that easily deform due to bad ductility.

Heavy Structure & High Quality

Tribesigns T18 Pro Chair has a heavy structure that has high quality with a seat plate that is a 3 mm thickened steel seat plate.

The backrest frame is a premium nylon raw materials. Comparatively, other chairs have a 2 mm seat plate and are flimsily constructed or built with low-quality scrap materials.

Roller Skate Style Wheels Casters

Tribesigns T18 Pro chair has skate style heavy-duty wheel casters that do not scratch the floors and do not require any chair mats. The chair is absolutely safe for all floors. The wheels are silent, gliding, smooth, and easy rolling. 

Reasonable adjustable of lumbar Spine Force

The TribeSigns T18 Pro has adjustable lumbar support that can be adjusted up and down by 2.75’’. The chair supports the spine and disperses the pressure off the hips and shoulders.

Other chairs have fixed lumbar support, and they do not satisfy different sitting demands. They inadvertently put pressure on hips and shoulder and cause unnecessary discomfort and pain.

In order to operate the Tilt Lockout, you need to pull out the control handle so that you can tilt your chair. To stop your chair from tilting, sit forward, and then push the control handle in.

The chair has a simple design, magnificent, and stylish appearance. Its aim is to increase performance at work and create a better living environment at home.

Installation Guide

Easy to Install

The package comes with detailed instructions that can assist you with the quick and hassle-free installation of this chair. The customers can scan the QR Code of User Manual for watching installation video, that is also given below.

The package also provides another Features Usage video to help use the chair accurately that is given above.

The complete package comes with:-

  • One Tribesigns T18 Pro office chair
  • Set of assembly tools
  • One Instruction Manual

Now you can enjoy a worry-free experience with five years warranty by the Tribesigns and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

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