VON Racer Rocking Gaming Chair with Bluetooth

Von Racer Gaming Chair with Bluetooth connectivity is a pocket-friendly, superb quality chair with cushioning and awesome speakers, and a subwoofer at the back of the chair. It gives the gamer an enthralling gaming experience with an immersive multimedia experience. A fantastic leather chair that is easy to clean mounted on a sturdy frame with a 1-year warranty provided by Von.


  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Thumping sound quality
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comfortable seat and padded armrests

The racer gaming chair is very easy to assemble without the requirement of any specialized tools. It’s a highly recommend chair. Read further to find out the reason.

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VON Racing Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

The Von Racer Gaming Chair is a high-quality beautifully designed gaming chair with speakers & built-in Bluetooth capability and is Xbox and PS4 compatible. This racing gaming chair has a high back ergonomic design with a leather finish is one of the best gaming chair under $200.

VON gaming chair is sturdy due to its integrated metal frame and supports heavily-built gamers. It is capable of carrying significant weight up to 270 lbs while still being sturdy and a comfortable chair for the serious gamer. It is very easy to assemble and makes a great addition to your man-cave.

The best part is that the chair is lightweight that is easy to move around and can be taken to any room without any hassle.


✔ VON Rocker Gaming Chair has a rocking design.

✔ 360° Swivel comfortable rocker Gaming chair.

✔ Uses thickened foam to provide more support for the seatback, lumbar, shoulder, and head.

✔ It has a comfortable tilt angle.

✔ Flip-up thicken padded armrests.

✔ Extra headrest pillow


- Maximum weight capacity: 270lbs

- Overall dimensions: 27.3" x 34.3" x 37.8" (L x W x H);

- Seating area dimension: 20.8" x 20.5" (L x W)

Gaming Experience

This rocking gaming chair was designed with the console gamer in mind to provide support through casual to extreme gaming sessions, so you can lean back with your feet up to relieve tension from your legs and knees and enjoy more games without any back or lower body pain.

Improves your gaming experience & scaled up from those old-school rockers while retaining its ability to rock back.  This rocker chair with speakers lets you play comfortably for hours in the perfect position.

Mindblowing Wireless Media Experience

This high-back tilt & swivel pedestal game chair features built-in Bluetooth capability so you don’t really need a gaming wireless headphone for playing your favorite games like Call of Duty or PUBG or Fortnite or similar game that needs headphone to hear footsteps.

There are two controls on side of the seat - one is for volume and the other one is for base control. You can turn the volume and bass up/down easily by the button on the side of the chair.

The chair comes with two Bluetooth speakers near the headrest and a 4" subwoofer on the outer part of the backrest, providing a low rumble intensifying your game, movie, or music. Xbox and PS4 compatible, designed for playing video games, watch movies, listen to music, read, and relax. The Bluetooth speakers make it sound like surround sound

VON Racing Gaming Chair comes with a cable so that can connect to the projector or TV for an immersive experience.

Designed for Comfort

Armed with a 360° swivel design, the Von Racer Rocking Gaming Chair boasts a smart design with the seat at a comfortable angle that lets you adjust the back angle. Padded armrests add extra comfort. They are padded and flip up out of the way when needed to give you precise control over your mouse, keyboard, and comfort levels.

The extra headrest can be fixed on the back with the Velcro when not in use.

Overall dimensions: 27.3" x 34.3" x 37.8" (L x W x H);

Seat Size: 20.8" x 20.5" (L x W)

Solid Construction and Comfortable Padding

The material on this chair is leather that is very easy to clean. This ergonomic chair is ensured by an integrated metal frame, a high back with segmented padding, and a high-density sponge that offers great support and comfort for the head, waist, and hips. The high-density foam seat, and extra padded headrest offer full-body posture support, so you can play for longer.

This leather gaming chair with a high back design lets you free your legs and thighs for the most comfortable gameplay. You can sit on the chair for long hours watching TV or playing games. It can support weight up to 270 lbs, making it ideal for kids, teens, and adult gamers of every size.


You can easily assemble the chair yourself without any hassle with the tools included in the package. It can be easily assembled by connecting the parts in about fifteen minutes without any special tools.

Assured Quality

Von Racer takes pride in the quality of its gaming chair. This product from the VON stable comes with a 1-year warranty on parts. VON takes care of the customer support and has a knack for excellent after-sales service with a customer support team that is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

With this rocking chair, all customer hassles are sorted and you can take your gaming experience to the next level with supreme comfort and support!

Points to Consider

The chair height is non-adjustable as few buyers have raised this observation. But that's just a minor inconvenience as the chair allows you to rock and tilt.

Some TVs do not have a headphone jack. Some hardcore gamers are in love with their headphones. So, if you also one of them, don't get disheartened as you can easily buy an HDMI converter for connecting your headphones. But again, that is a very personal choice as the chair has wireless Bluetooth speakers.

The Von Racer Gaming Chair does not tilt sideways as it only swings from side to side. Again a very personal choice, as this chair doesn't need the tilt.

Final Verdict

VON Racing Gaming Chair is very comfortable and gives you a perfect posture for gaming, watching TV, reading, or just relaxing. Helps to improves your gaming performance.

You can enjoy a rich multimedia experience as you connect the projector to play a game or watch movies. The Bluetooth connectivity adds on the versatility as one of the best gaming chair with speakers that booms to give you an enthralling surround sound experience.

The Von Racer Gaming Chair is designed for complete comfort and a budget-friendly chair under $200. This racing gaming chair is virtually perfect in all aspects and does not have any apparent issues. Assembling of the chair is simply smooth without any hassles or requirement of any specialized tools. Just connect a few parts and boom, your chair is ready to rock.

In a nutshell, the VON 360° Swivel Rocker Gaming Chair gives the buyer an excellent value for money. Von has made it possible with a functional and elegant rocking chair design, high-quality leather material, Bluetooth surround sound gaming chair with speakers.

All this priced at an affordable price range under $200. We'll rate it as one of the best gaming chair in the price bracket and is very much deserving of a very highly recommended product. The high recommendation bears testimony to the fact of excellent reviews given by the buyers on Amazon.

Now is the best time to grab your chair before its gone. Keep rocking !!

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